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My journey down the road to artistic endeavors and the start of Artbazz Fine Art as Artbazz.com, Artbazz.org and Artbazz.net, started when I was about 12, and has developed over several years. I started my first artistic venture as a clothing and fabric
About us - Artbazz Acrylic Artist
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About Artbazz Artist, Lois Center-Shabazz

 I use imagination, love of color and design for carefully crafted elements that come together in my deep admiration of natural beauty.

My journey down the road to artistic endeavors and the start of Artbazz Fine Art as Artbazz.com, Artbazz.org and Artbazz.net, started when I was about 12, and has developed over several years. I started my first artistic venture as a clothing and fabric artist. My Mother, who was a seamstress, guided me in my first creative fabric art projects. As I got older I continued to learn and grow in my artistic talents of fabric and clothing art designs, after finishing college and dental school.

Art Organization’s Lois Belongs To:

Tidewater Art Allliance, Portsmouth, VA
Suffolk Art Alliance, Suffolk, VA
Cultural Alliance of Hampton Roads, VA
Chrysler Museum of Art, AA Friends
All of these art organizations are important to the education and
development of art and artist in the Southern Virginia area, which I wholeheartedly support.

Happiness, One Painting At A Time --artist, Lois

I choose dentistry over art as a primary course of study partly because it required artistic talent, and partly because it was requested of my parents and teachers; that I do more with my academic skills than art required. Art was always my first choice. As a dentist, a person is required to have detailed hand eye coordination to create and carve crevices in tiny spaces, and shape different types of dental materials to resemble teeth.

After graduating from dental school, and while practicing dentistry I constantly engaged in some form of art. I created beautiful fabric art to wear, and I sometimes spent several hours a day doing photography. Later, after buying a condo, I took a series of interior design classes to decorate it. I got rave reviews on my decorating skills from my friends.

When I needed artwork on my walls, I started creative drawing. My drawing talents flourished when I designed my wearable fabric art. Later, I added paint to my drawings, and after being encouraged by friends, I decided to get formal training as an acrylic artist.


I studied art under the watchful eye of master artist, Devi Ann Moore of Virginia, and studied at the Bezalel School of Art, run by Ms. Moore.

After  studying for a few years, I developed the styles of art I loved most and paint the things which give me the best feeling. My paintings include the folk art series of Big Fruit, the abstract series of Lily Pond FlowersMy Favorite Butterflies, the whimsical 3 Great Faces of a Man, an Ocean Series, a few animals, and my latest is my series, Women Moving Forward.

Most of my paintings to date are acrylic on canvas, and are painted on a variety of canvas sizes. They are all sold as archival fine art museum quality giclees. Each giclee is constructed to last 200 years with the combination of archival 100% cotton canvas or fine art mold-made paper, and pigmented — 12-color inks.They are all museum quality giclees.


Each Giclee comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist–that would be me, the print is also signed by the artist–that would also be me. The giclees are both archival and collectible with original signatures.


Happiness, One Painting At A Time
Lois Center-Shabazz