Orange Floral

Orange Floral Painting by Lois Center-Shabazz

Orange Floral

Orange Floral is one of my first paintings after I decided to seriously get involved in acrylic art. I have also been a fabric artist and quilter, so acrylic painting was right in line with my artistic love.


I like the feeling I get from putting paint to paper and creating beautiful images. This is what makes me paint the most. It also makes me feel good to see the lasting images that make folks feel happy for a long time when the images are on their walls.


Orange Floral is an original acrylic painting 12×16 on canvas. It is an abstract lily pod flower.


Orange Floral is special since it is one of my first paintings, and one of the colors I love the most. It is appropriate to use as beginning decor for a child or teens room, or just a playful living space in general.



artist, Lois