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Original Giclee
Giclee art is both archival and collectable, if it is properly prepared.

Giclee art is both archival and collectable, if it is properly prepared.

Much of my acrylic art pieces are sold as a Limited Edition Giclee. Many folks have asked me the question; What is a Giclee? Well remember the seriograph and lithograph reproductions?   The color was layered down by hand to reproduce the original painting.


I use on of the highest quality machines on the market.


Now that everything has gone digital, so has art reproductions. Original high quality Giclees are made using a machine. The machine I use for my reproductions for limited edition art is a 12 color, UV resistant art machine that uses pigmented ink. It sprays on the color, one layer at a time. The color will last at least 200 years. I doubt that any of us will be around to see that date, but the quality of the limited edition prints sure looks like it will be around at that time.


The advantage of my limited edition prints over originals is mainly cost. But also, you have a painting that looks and feels very much like the original and it will last probably just as long. Because of the quality of Giclee art it is both archival and collectable.


I sell my art as originals Acrylic Paintings and Giclees.


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Artist, Lois Center-Shabazz